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Timeless Tile Installations and Design

The perfect tile installation doesn’t just happen. It take an artist’s eye, a craftman’s touch, and years of experience to develop the skill and knowledge necessary to create a beautiful, durable surface that will withstand years of unintentional abuse.
<href=”” target=”_blank”>Valentin Gheorma possesses the patience and perfectionism to complete works of timeless beauty. For example:

Tiled Backsplash

Tiled Backsplash

This shower installation showcases a complex arrangement of tiles accommodating the bench, the footrest, the corner shelves and the decorative elements to evoke the timeless design of a Grecian bath. The perfect combination of functionality and art doesn’t happen by accident; it requires extensive mathematical computations and flawless workmanship.

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Your Granite Countertop Installation Expert

Licensed in the State of California, Valentin Gheorma, owner/operator of EZ Tile and Marble is a master tile setter with extensive experience in residential and commercial construction using ceramic tile, mosaics, and natural stone.  Valentin has beautifully and successfully completed numerous residential remodeling projects and custom new construction tile installations across northern California. Areas of