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Custom Made Granite Vanity Countertops

Bathroom countertops are just as important as the ones in your kitchen. They not only provide a functional work surface but a big piece of the decorating theme as well. A good bathroom countertop is the right blend of aesthetics and durability that’s sufficient to meet the demands of how you live. Please follow and like

Bruffet Family Home Remodel

“We found out about EZ Tile and Marble Countertops when we were looking on the computer for places that install tile and counter-tops and wood flooring and we saw the EZ Tile and Marble website.  We read their information and saw the beautiful pictures of some of the work they’ve done We went to their

Granite Countertops Are Just the Beginning

There are plenty of reasons why homeowners love granite countertops: the luxurious look of the stone, the ease of maintaining it, and the value it adds to a home being just a few.  Without a doubt, granite is a timeless look can be customized to enhance any kitchen. But at EZ Tile and Marble, we also

Why Choose Granite Installations?

When choosing the next look and style for your home, you realize you have been faced with a difficult task. There are many options to choose from for your countertops, bathrooms, and vanities, and all of them have several different pros. However, granite installations have more advantages than any other when making this decision. Since you’ll be

5 Steps to Choose the Right Color for Your Granite Installation

By now, most homeowners know about the manifold benefits of granite.  Easy maintenance, beautiful colors, added value to your home… and the list goes on. What should you take into consideration when choosing granite for your kitchen or bathroom?  Lorna Hordos from SFGate has these helpful hints. Shop prepared.  To really get a sense of the

How to Keep Granite Countertops Looking New

Beautiful, durable granite is the material of choice for kitchen countertops and islands in high-end homes. As a matter of fact, granite can add elegance to many other areas, such as bathroom vanities, fireplace hearths, bar counters, shower/tub surrounds, floors, and window sills. As a natural stone, granite is incredibly durable. But it requires loving care to keep its pristine appearance. Owners of homes

Things to Consider when Choosing Granite Fabrication

While there are a number of new companies that offer granite fabrication, not all of them are created equal. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a granite fabrication company in order to ensure you are working with a reputable supplier. The first step to take is to call up the vendor and ask a

Are Granite Countertop Installations Right For Your Project?

Many people think of granite countertops as a top-of-the line addition to a kitchen. They are at least a consideration for most who are building a new home or remodeling an existing kitchen. Bathroom counters made from granite are also popular. Other common uses for granite countertops include fireplace mantles, bar tops, desks and outdoor kitchen