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Classic European inspiration for a rustic kitchen design

Planning a new kitchen and not sure what style to aim for? Try looking towards classic European design for inspiration and decor details. Kitchen remodeling is increasing in popularity. We have less money to eat out all the time, and are looking instead to update and improve upon our old and rather tired-looking cabinetry at

How to Clean Your Ceramic Tile Installations like a Pro

Recommended for commercial and residential properties, ceramic tile installations add beauty, functionality, safety and value to your home or business. Once the installers leave, the proper care of your tiles is up to you. Yet did you know that the location of your installed tile makes a big difference when it comes to keeping it clean and

Top 3 Reasons Why Tile Installations Are Perfect for California Homes

Crafted from clay and heated on such high temperatures that the result is an exceedingly durable product, tile installations are perfect choices for California homes and businesses. In addition to being an extremely long-lasting flooring pick, the sheer quantity of available sizes and colors makes ceramic tiles an ideal option for the homeowner in search of a