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The Mysterious Process of Granite Fabrication

Everybody loves Raymond… and granite. Seriously, who doesn’t love the polished and elegant look that granite countertops can add to the beauty of your home. It’s a huge selling point that can actually pay for itself by adding potential resale value to your property. That much we already know. What most people don’t know, however,

Granite Fabrication and Installations a Breeze for California Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, are reaching retirement age. Knowing the California Boomers, they will stay true to form and will ‘reinvent retirement’ making it a time for adventure. The real dilemma for many is whether to follow the tradition of past generations to move to retirement communities or to break

California Homeowners Can Be Held “At Fault” When Hiring Unlicensed Contractors for Remodeling

The California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors (CALPASC) is encouraged by the uptick of home remodeling that is currently ongoing in the Golden State. At the same time, these professionals are concerned that you may incur liabilities that you do not even realize exist. For example, did you know that California homeowners can be held “at