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How to Extend the Life of Your Granite Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops have to be durable and to withstand both low and high temperatures. Granite countertops absolutely meet these requirements, but you have to know how to maintain the surface if you want to increase their endurance. Follow these useful tips and your granite kitchen countertop will look clean and without any blemishes much longer than expected:

  • Use a sealer.

Despite granite’s moisture-resistant nature, this material is also porous. The easiest way to prevent liquids from penetrating into the granite is to apply a sealer on its surface every year or two. Liquids will not harm a properly sealed countertop so you will have enough time to clean every spill.

  • Clean the granite counter frequently.How to Extend the Life of Your Granite Kitchen Countertops 1

Once you seal the granite, keeping it clean and free of moisture and debris will be easier for you. Always start the cleaning of the countertop with brushing off any crumbs and try to do this for the entire surface. Using a wet cloth and mild detergent to wipe down the granite after that will surely help you extend its longevity. Do this regularly, but be careful not to use a too soggy rag.

  • Be more eco-friendly.

Acid-based commercial cleaners are very likely to disrupt the protective seal on your kitchen countertop and thus erode the very granite. The best way to know whether your cleaning solution is pH-balanced is to make it on your own. Plus, you will save some money this way. Mix 3 parts mild detergent with 1 part rubbing alcohol and add some warm water to have the best non-toxic granite counters cleaner. Baking soda is also very helpful when it comes to cleaning stains and deodorizing granite countertops. Combine a 1 cup of baking soda with 4-5 tbsp of dish detergent and an amount of water enough to co-create a creamy texture. This mixture is great for tougher stains, but it will not at all harm the granite. Cover the stain with a dishtowel, soaked in warm water and leave it to loosen the dirt. Then apply the mix and use it to wash the blemish off.

  •  Prevent stains from occurring.Cleaning Granite Countertops

As mentioned previously, acidic cleaners are really harmful to granite. Avoid them at all cost, otherwise your kitchen countertop will last very short time. The more often you seal the counter, the fewer stains it will retain. You will understand that it is time for re-sealing when spilled liquids stop forming droplets. Letting wet sink into the granite countertop is a guarantee that it won’t last long. Wipe up the spills as soon as they happen and never let them set into the countertop.

For those who are skilled enough, granite countertops are not difficult to maintain. If you are patient enough and are not afraid of taking care of your kitchen counter frequently, you and your family will be able to enjoy the beauty of the granite for a long time. Regular cleaning sessions and sealing when required will not only keep your granite countertop good-looking, but it will also extend its lifespan and thus add value to your property.

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