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Classic European inspiration for a rustic kitchen design

Planning a new kitchen and not sure what style to aim for? Try looking towards classic European design for inspiration and decor details.

Kitchen remodeling is increasing in popularity. We have less money to eat out all the time, and are looking instead to update and improve upon our old and rather tired-looking cabinetry at home, in order to make our kitchens and dining areas warm and inviting places.

There are many benefits to incorporating the elements of classic European style into your kitchen design. Firstly, European style is timeless, meaning it will not appear dated a few years down the line. Equally as important, European kitchens are known for their perfect meeting of form and function, which allow for maximum accessibility in the kitchen and extremely practical use.

Natural and hardwearing materials

European kitchens are warm and inviting places, reminding us of the importance of food in so many European societies. This is reflected in the choice of materials, with wood – both hardwoods like oak and softwoods such as pine – a perennial favorite. Wooden cabinets are solid and hardwearing. They have a classic, rustic look and are built to last.

Try combining wood with other natural materials by bringing granite counter tops and stone floors into the kitchen. These are not only classic, natural and beautiful materials, they are also extremely resilient. Stone or tile floors are extremely popular in Mediterranean countries, for example. Remember that the kitchen gets heavy usage, perhaps more than any other room in the house, so it’s important that you think about tough and durable materials and design.

European countertops come in varying heights and thicknesses, and what you choose will depend on your own kitchen, family, and personal preference. For a really functional countertop however, consider a built-in cutting board or flush sink.

Create memories formed around the dinner table

The kitchen ought to be the hub of any home, a gathering point for family members whose busy lives may only intersect for a short while around the dinner table. Make that intersection an inviting place to linger a little longer, and open up your kitchen/dining area. Open plan kitchens are the heart of the home, easily accessible no matter where you may be in the house.

Create memories and moments and encourage family cooking and dining by incorporating a classic rustic-style dining table into the kitchen. Rustic wooden dining tables are built to last, serving as the pivotal point of a busy and functional kitchen for decades to come. If space is tight in your kitchen, consider an extending table with pull-out leaves that can be as long – or as short – as the place settings require.

For the perfect pairing of natural beauty with the highest levels of quality and functionality, you need look no further than Europe for inspiration and design ideas. Placing food and the family high on the agenda has created a kitchen design aesthetic that is hard to beat.


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