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Combining textures in the kitchen

If a kitchen re-model is on the horizon consider introducing some new materials for added 576748_415243995172925_78644263_ntextural interest. Current trends in kitchen design signal a move towards interiors that blend natural and high tech materials in the same space, creating wonderful textural contrasts. The juxtaposition of cool, glossy granite counter tops against the warm wood of oak cabinets gives an expensive, luxurious look that is easy on the eye and feels great to the touch.

Take a look at all the hard surfaces in the kitchen and imagine replacing them with alternatives. How about taking out the tiled backsplash and replacing it with the sleek elegance of a stainless steel alternative? Teamed with marble or quartz counter tops, this combination of finishes results in the perfect balance of contemporary and classic styles that is very on trend. With natural materials such as wood, marble and stone unique colors and finishes with true one-off authenticity are possible, lifting a kitchen into a different realm.

The kitchen is at the heart of any home and as such it should feel warm and welcoming; a place to linger and enjoy the sweet smells of cooking and some relaxed family chatter. The materials used in the kitchen will set the tone and atmosphere right from the start, so put careful thought into it. If a kitchen is gloomy, give it some help by using hard surfaces such as quartz and marble counter tops in pale, reflective shades to maximize light levels. Not only are these materials extremely durable and practical, they bring an innate glamour that’s hard to find in any man-made alternatives.

As a material wood has often been reserved for kitchen cabinets, but in contemporary kitchens there is scope for using it elsewhere. In a sunny kitchen, consider combining wooden interior shutters at the windows with warm hardwood flooring. Nothing beats the feel of timber underfoot and there are many practical and beautiful finishes available suited to kitchen environments.

In contemporary kitchen design things have definitely moved on. Forget that old fashioned idea of matching up all materials and slavishly coordinating colors – for the best results it’s necessary to be brave and bold and start mixing things up. Be cautious about too much pattern, the emphasis should be on the integrity of natural materials and their inherent beauty, rather than busy textiles or tiles with ornate motifs. Experiment with contrast for dramatic effects, teaming pale floors with dark cabinets or vice versa, is a simple but effective method of making an impression.

For the ultimate look of luxury it makes sense to start off a kitchen re-design with some gorgeous marble or granite counter tops and then take it from there. Having top quality materials at the heart of the design ensures a successful end result. Choosing cabinet finishes, flooring, wall, window and lighting treatments is all much easier once the central theme has been nailed. Other ideas for ramping up the textural appeal of the room include incorporating rough slate and quarry stone floors, rustic unfinished plaster, smooth colored glass, basket-ware, polished concrete, porcelain, mirrored surfaces, mosaic pebbled floors and oiled exotic woods. When it comes to top textural kitchens, it really isn’t complicated – remember if it feels right, things will look just fine.

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