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Four Trends in Tile Installation and Design

If you’re in the market to upgrade the tiles or design in your kitchen or bathroom, consider these timely design tips from HGTV before you make your final selections. Their tips are both trendy and classic and, careful forethought before you install new tiles, will guarantee your long term satisfaction with your choice of materials and design.

1) Glass: One of the trendiest and most elegant tile materials on the market is glass. The simplicity of the material creates an elegant feel and allows for the passage of a lot of light. The end result is an airy tone that seemingly expands the room.

2) Metal: HGTV correctly identifies metal as a contemporary, modern nod to current design trends. They emphasize the use of small tiles (as opposed to large sheets of metal) as the key to a unique design. Copper, brass and bronze tones all provide a warm hue to the room.

3) Hardwood: The genius design of porcelain crafted to look like hardwood allows for a creative twist on standard tile designs. As a bonus, you get the look of hardwood without the maintenance requirements!

4) Frame It: A final tip for interior designers is to use tile creatively as a means of highlighting other elements in the room (such as windows or light fixtures). Careful tile placement provides natural borders for various elements and allows you to incorporate depth and bring unique patterns to the design of the room.

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