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How to Clean Your Ceramic Tile Installations like a Pro

Recommended for commercial and residential properties, ceramic tile installations add beauty, functionality, safety and value to your home or business. Once the installers leave, the proper care of your tiles is up to you. Yet did you know that the location of your installed tile makes a big difference when it comes to keeping it clean and looking pristine?

  • Bathroom tiles. A buildup of soap scum, lime deposits and mildew can tempt you to reach for the abrasive cleaner that is guaranteed to cut through the grime. While it is true that abrasion is sure to make quick work of soap scum, there is the danger of scratching the finish of your ceramic tiles. If you can commit to cleaning your bathroom tiles once a week, a fifty-fifty mix of lukewarm water and lukewarm white vinegar can do the trick. Dedicate a spray bottle to this solution, and you can also spray down the shower door or curtain, the backsplash and even the floor. (If you have marble in the bathroom, use a gallon of water and a half cup of ammonia. Do not use the vinegar mix!)
  • Kitchen tiles. Ceramic tiles make for beautiful counters and backsplashes. Unfortunately, grease does stick to the tiles. Rather than giving your kitchen a thorough cleaning after every meal you prepare, simply use the previously mentioned vinegar and water solution to cut through the grease. For the more stubborn splashes, dab a bit of baking soda onto a moist sponge and gently scrub particularly greasy tiles.
  • Grout. Have you ever visited a home with gorgeous ceramic tile flooring that seemed to have multi-colored grout? The problem here is the cleaning of the grout. Particularly in high-traffic areas, cleaning grout is an important step for maintaining the stylish appearance of the flooring. If your tiles are clean but the grout does not look as though it has benefited from any cleansing at all, use a spray tile and grout cleaner. For small surfaces, dip an old, soft toothbrush in a cup of bleach and then wash away the dirt with lukewarm water.
  • Granite tiles. Made from an igneous rock and then sealed for protection, granite is actually quite easy to keep clean with water and mild dish soap. Avoid the vinegar treatment, which may cause a bit of damage to granite when used repeatedly. Better yet, follow the instructions of the Marble Institute, and invest in a stone soap or granite cleaning kit that protects and strengthens the finish even as you do your regular weekly cleaning of the tiles.
  • Foyer. The gorgeous tile in the entryway gives your home a sophisticated look. Keep it clean by sweeping the tiles regularly. This protects the glaze against abrasions from the sand and debris shoes carry into the home. A steam-cleaner specifically made for tile floors keeps the ceramic tiles and the grout looking great while also eradicating bacteria.

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