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Pro Tips For Tile Installations and Design

Your kitchen’s tile backsplash is a canvas upon which you can express your personality and tastes.  More than any other place in your kitchen, the backsplash is customizable, flexible, and designable.  That’s why the experts at HGTV have offered some helpful designer tips for choosing the right look for your tile backsplash.

Tile backsplash design

Tile backsplash design

Get started– Start by taping some color and tile samples to the wall of your kitchen and seeing how they look at different times of day, and in different lighting.  One designer suggests choosing a single main color with a few accent colors to use throughout the kitchen.

Mix and match– Experiment with mixing different shades of metallic tiles, along with bits of granite or marble to pull in your countertops.  A backsplash that uses a variety of materials and shades is more visually interesting than a homogenous surface.

Find your high impact zone– Chances are, you have more available square footage above your stove and your sink, meaning those are great places to incorporate tile patterns for a bold effect.  Whether you choose a popular subway tile in a staggering pattern, or install your tiles on a diagonal line, experimenting with patterns in these high impact zones is a great way to make a statement.

Whatever you dream up for your tile backsplash installation, EZ Tile and Marble Countertops has the experience and vision to take your kitchen design to the next level.

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