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5 Steps to Choose the Right Color for Your Granite Installation

By now, most homeowners know about the manifold benefits of granite.  Easy maintenance, beautiful colors, added value to your home… and the list goes on.

New Venetion Gold

New Venetian Gold

What should you take into consideration when choosing granite for your kitchen or bathroom?  Lorna Hordos from SFGate has these helpful hints.

  1. Shop prepared.  To really get a sense of the best granite color for your kitchen or bathroom, unscrew one of your smaller cabinet or vanity doors and bring it along when you shop for your stone.  Don’t forget a current paint swatch of your room as well!
  2. Find contrast.  If you have very dark cabinets, look for a lighter granite to brighten up your space.  Conversely, those with lighter cabinets could consider deeper shades and hues.
  3. Make a match.  Hold up your cabinet door to the various granite samples and look for one with flecks or swirls that complement the hue of your cabinets.  Even a hint of the cabinet color in your granite will help tie the room together.
  4. Test it out.  Bring home some samples.  Spread a white sheet or towel over your existing counters and experiment with your different choices.  Factors like sun exposure and personal light fixtures could change your preferences.
  5. Step back.  Even with a small sample, take a few steps back and try to see your room as a composite of many textures, colors, and shades.  Choose the granite that best complements your entire space, rather than just one element.

EZ Tile & Marble will make your granite installation an easy process–and an affordable one.  Contact us to learn more about our full line of products and services.

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