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Top 3 Reasons Why Tile Installations Are Perfect for California Homes

Crafted from clay and heated on such high temperatures that the result is an exceedingly durable product, tile installations are perfect choices for California homes and businesses. In addition to being an extremely long-lasting flooring pick, the sheer quantity of available sizes and colors makes ceramic tiles an ideal option for the homeowner in search of a unique look that complements the home’s overall décor. As if this were not enough to convince you of the superior quality of flooring tiles, there are still three more reasons why this type of flooring is truly the right investment.

  1. Fire safety. Ceramic tiles have already gone through a firing process. When they are expertly laid with thin set mortar and grout, they can survive a kitchen fire, a dropped cigarette or a spilling turkey deep-fryer. In fact, ceramic tiles are so well known for their fire-retardant qualities that the San Diego County Fire Authority has incorporated them as a suitable deck flooring choice in its one-hour fire-resistive construction mandate.
  2. Easy to clean. Once sealed, the tiles become virtually water resistant. This makes them easy to thoroughly clean and sanitize as often as needed. When considering a kitchen or bathroom floor, easy deep-cleaning is a must. Not surprisingly, Los Angeles County includes ceramic tiles in its list of acceptable flooring choices for childcare center kitchens.
  3. Slip-resistant. A non-slip surface adds safety to your kitchen or bathroom floor. When you carry heavy pots and pans, do wok cooking or enjoy having the kids help out in the kitchen, the textured surface adds a level of safety that you can count on. Non-skid tiles are so effective that San Luis Obispo County Environmental Health Services approve them for traffic areas in all types of food facilities.

Of course, tile installations are only as good as the contractor who does them. When you want to be certain that your new bathroom or kitchen floor is done right, EZ Tile and Marble is your solution. A fully licensed granite and marble contractor, we adhere meticulously to California’s strict building codes. Contact us today to discuss your next tile installation and to learn about our one-year service warranty.

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