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Why Choose a Local Fabricater and Installer vs Home Depot or Lowes

When the automated menu on the phone for the company you’re desperately trying to get a hold of tells you that your call is valuable to them, do you believe it? When you’ve made it through the line 50 customers deep at Walmart and the cashier asks if you’ve found everything you’re looking for, do you really think they care? Unfortunately, these are just a few of the things that come from living in the big box, automated, computerized, superstore world that we live in. We’re missing that personal touch, that human, caring, you-matter-as-a-customer way of doing business. In a word, craftsmanship.Viatera Quartz Countertops

One area that the difference between those two approaches can be seen is in the installation of your granite countertops. Seems straightforward enough, right? Let’s take a closer look at the difference between a local fabricater and installer versus one of those big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes .

First of all is the overall difference in approach.  Let’s face it, the super-store guys couldn’t care less if you’re satisfied or not. They’ve got about a gazillion customers, so what’s it to them if they lose one, two, or a dozen due to a poorly done job? On the other hand, your local guy knows that his bread and butter is coming from happy, satisfied customers from a quality job done well. They realize that word of mouth can keep their doors open or close them. The important thing about this attitude difference is that affects everything else that each of them will do.

For example, let’s look at dollars. The big guys are out to make a buck, whatever it takes. The estimate they give you may sound a lot lower than the local guy…at first. You’ll find it amazing how quickly hidden costs will crop up out of nowhere. Oh yeah, they forgot to include things in the estimate that they’ll eventually charge you for, like drilling holes for faucets. Your local craftsman, on the other hand, knows that honesty will pay off in the long run. He may give you a little higher of an estimate at the front end, but by the time the job is done and you pay the bill, you’ll actually pay less than the other guys, since there won’t be any “surprises” or hidden costs along the way to inflate the final cost.

Quality. It’s a word that simply isn’t used enough in this day and age. Quality, however, is exactly what will make the difference between countertops. The big box guys are simply filling an order, so they grab whatever’s in the warehouse that matches the number of whatever you ordered, and slap it in your kitchen. The problem with this approach is that all slab names may not be the same exact color. Or there could even be fissures or long grains of another color that won’t match. Wouldn’t it be great if you could choose your own slab? When the local guy installs your countertops, it will be with an eye on quality. In fact, you could stand back and look at the results of both of these scenarios and be able to instantly tell which is which.

There’s enough careless, run-of-the-mill, assembly line, big box services and products out in the world today. You don’t have to bring it in to your home. Instead, know that the features of your home were designed with true caring and attention to detail, by an honest local craftsman. Contact us for more information on how we can help your home to reflect that special human touch, quality.

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