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The Many Risks You Take Hiring the Lowest Bidder for Remodeling and Installations

Are you a risk taker?

Anyone saying yes to that question doesn’t mind saying yes to choosing the cheapest contractor for remodeling and installations.  Some contractors prey on homeowners just on price alone.  Because homeowners are looking to find something within their budget, they grab that tempting deal without asking additional questions.  The contractor claims he works for a popular company and is here to ‘install your ‘new countertop’.  They ask for the total cost upfront, and you hand it all over.  They ‘fix’ the countertop and leave.  When it’s time to place items on top of it the whole thing breaks.  You call the company and ask to speak to the ‘contractor.’  The company tells you that this person doesn’t work for them.

Was being cheap worth it?

Some won’t even go that far to prove they’re not worth your time.  After asking for money upfront, some contractors will make up an excuse like ‘I got to gather my supplies,’ drive off and never come back.  Other contractors will ask for all the money upfront, start the installation, leave and never come back.  Do you like the rush of knowing that you will have to pay more money to do the job correctly AND fix their mess?  Fixing their mess is not just the botched remodeling or installation; it’s also about cleaning up the dirty work area and other debris they left behind.  This doesn’t begin to explain The Many Risks You Take Hiring the Lowest Bidder.

Low bidding contractors don’t have the money for insurance, bond, license and warranty.  If anything goes wrong during or after the remodeling or installation process, you are responsible.  Contractors work for companies that have insurance, but low bidders don’t have such luxury, so you have to rely on home insurance.  Not having homeowners’ insurance that specifically covers damage to the interior and exterior makes the whole situation worse.  A contractor with no bond means there is no guarantee the job will be done to the best of their ability.  Companies offer money for botched work; low bidders want to take your money and run.  A contractor that isn’t licensed means that this person has no business fixing anything on your property.  They don’t have the training, education and experience.  Since you didn’t perform due diligence, you may not have a right to sue them for damages.  While the low bidding contractor can’t sue you either, it won’t make up for the stress and financial damage caused.  No warranty on low bidders means that if anything goes wrong after the fact, you can’t hire the same person or ‘company’ to fix it.  They’ll be long gone before it gets to that point.

Did we forget to mention that the contractor should have a commencement notice, a lien waiver, an affidavit and a termination notice?  These notices are here to protect homeowners.  If the low bidder doesn’t provide this you may have to pay twice as much for materials and services.  To make the situation worse, a lien will be placed on your property.  Whew.

Saving money isn’t worth it when you deal with headache situations.

You won’t have to deal with that drama when you hire us.  Contact us for an estimate on your next installation or remodeling project.  I dare you to choose the lowest priced contractor.  Your move.

By the way, if you said no to that question, consider yourself lucky.

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