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Timeless Tile Installations and Design

The perfect tile installation doesn’t just happen. It take an artist’s eye, a craftman’s touch, and years of experience to develop the skill and knowledge necessary to create a beautiful, durable surface that will withstand years of unintentional abuse.
<href=”” target=”_blank”>Valentin Gheorma possesses the patience and perfectionism to complete works of timeless beauty. For example:

Tiled Backsplash

Tiled Backsplash

This shower installation showcases a complex arrangement of tiles accommodating the bench, the footrest, the corner shelves and the decorative elements to evoke the timeless design of a Grecian bath. The perfect combination of functionality and art doesn’t happen by accident; it requires extensive mathematical computations and flawless workmanship.

This extensive kitchen backsplash over the mirrorlike granite countertops demonstrates the same adroit handling of an array of sizes, colors and patterns of tile. The balanced, pleasing mix of colors in the arrangement of tiny squares is worthy of top honors at a quilt show. Again, such perfection of placement is not possible without a firm grasp of applied mathematics. And one long-time cook, upon seeing the dark grout, breathed a vicarious sigh of relief: that will present no cleaning problems, ever.

The judicial use of color is what sets the master artist apart from the journeyman. It’s not hard to see why someone had to interrupt the work in progress to take a photo: it’s breathtaking. You don’t need to see it finished, with landscaping, lights and water, to appreciate the elegance of the design. This will become someone’s favorite retreat for years to come.

Speaking of favorites, this shower has won the admiration of everyone who’s seen it. The intriguing shape, the framed entryway, the variegated reds contrasting with the pristine white of the bathroom make for a stunning presentation. And the elongated shape dispenses with the need for a door that someone would have to clean.

We could go on, but in case you’re already looking for the contact information for EZ Tile and Marble Countertops, you’ll find that here—and a consultation is free.

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