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Why Granite Installations are not just for the Kitchen

When most people think of granite installations, they immediately associate these countertops with the kitchen. The fact is that granite is an attractive and durable material that could be right when placed in nearly any room of the home.

Bedroom Office with waterfall edge and backsplash

Bedroom vanity with waterfall edge and backsplash

Bathrooms and utility areas can benefit from granite countertops, as they are extremely heat resistant. That means they won’t be easily harmed by hairstyling appliances or the use of an iron. They are also less likely to warp under the high humidity of these rooms than Formica or wood countertops are.

Granite could be used to create a dressing area inside a master bedroom. The characteristics of this stone work well with any type of furnishings and decor, so a granite countertop is bound to be attractive and functional. It’s resistant to stains, so users do not have to worry about ruining the countertop with the use of hair color or cosmetics.

An enclosed porch can be an excellent location for a granite countertop. When placed in this area, it can be used to hold plants or as a serving table for eating outdoors. Granite is durable and resistant to changes in the weather, which makes it ideal for outdoor use. It also blends well with natural surroundings, proving a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than other materials would.

Inside a home office, granite countertops could be used to design a computer workstation or writing desk. A set of drawers could easily be placed underneath it to hold office supplies or files. It can be placed at precisely the right height needed to accommodate the individual who would be using it the most.

Granite is such a versatile material that the possibilities for it are nearly unlimited. If you’re thinking about a renovation project, contact us to find out more about how granite could help you realize your dreams.

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