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Improve your Home’s Value and Appearance with Tile Installations!

Installing ceramic tile in your home automatically increase your home’s value and updates the style of the interior. In addition to the financial and style benefits there are several other perks that make tile installations a worthwhile investment for your home.Tiled Floors - EZ Tile & Marble

Ceramic tile is durable, long-lasting and water-resistant which makes it the perfect choice for high-traffic areas like the kitchen, bathroom and entryways. Tile flooring lasts substantially longer than hardwood or carpet due to the heated clay compound the tiles are constructed of. Laying tiles with the correct combination of mortar, seal and grout guarantees an easily-cleaned, water-resistant surface.

Ceramic tiles also allow you customize your kitchen or bathroom with a wide variety of beautiful and unique selections. Ceramic tiles are available in every shade, pattern or design imaginable. Small tiles can be used for a kitchen backsplash or to create a border. Tiles can also be laid straight, diagonally or in a mosaic pattern that you select to ensure your home is a unique and beautiful reflection of you.

Did you know you can also select different finishes on your tile? Tiles are listed by their COE (Coefficient of Friction) which gauges how smooth or rough a tile’s finish is. A rougher finish is less slippery while a smoother has a greater degree of polish. While a slightly rougher finish may be better for the floor, smooth tiles as the border will provide an attractive complement to your room. Evaluate the needs of each room to select the correct tile.

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