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How to Keep Granite Countertops Looking New

Sealing the granite

Valentin sealing a newly installed granite countertop

Beautiful, durable granite is the material of choice for kitchen countertops and islands in high-end homes. As a matter of fact, granite can add elegance to many other areas, such as bathroom vanitiesfireplace hearths, bar counters, shower/tub surroundsfloors, and window sills.

As a natural stone, granite is incredibly durable. But it requires loving care to keep its pristine appearance. Owners of homes with granite features should see that these guidelines are followed in cleaning:

Wipe up spills quickly with a gentle soap and water. If stains do form, many can be removed with a thick paste of flour, gentle dishwashing soap, and water. Cover the stain with the paste and seal all with plastic wrap, then let it set overnight. Scrape off the paste with a non-metal tool and rinse. Oil stains may require a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in the paste; mix and apply as above. Wine, strawberry, and blueberry stains may be removed with a paste of molding plaster and bleach.

Do not use abrasive cleansers. Cleaning products specifically made for granite are available, but a home-made mixture of 1 part denatured alcohol to 4 parts water is just as effective, sometimes more so, for regular cleaning.

Some types of granite need to be sealed every six months. To see if yours requires sealing, pour a few drops of water on it, cover it with plastic taped down, and wait about 15 minutes. Then look to see if the water has been absorbed into the stone—if so, the granite will appear darker. Granite sealants are available at most hardware stores.

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