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Things to Consider when Choosing Granite Fabrication

While there are a number of new companies that offer granite fabrication, not all of them are created equal. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a granite fabrication company in order to ensure you are working with a reputable supplier.Granite Countertops and Tiled Backsplash kitchen

The first step to take is to call up the vendor and ask a few questions about granite countertops. Some things you may want to know include how to choose a quality piece and proper care. You may also want to ask a little bit about the fabrication process and find out where a company gets the granite they use.

When talking with a supplier, take note of their knowledge and willingness to answer questions. Reputable vendors know a great deal about granite and welcome questions from customers about this material. Those who seem unsure about certain aspects or are unwilling to answer questions should be avoided.

You may also want to know if a vendor will be able to match your granite slab in the event you have a breakage. This could require the supplier to have a great deal of inventory on hand, all of which must be carefully labeled. An alternative could be to purchase additional granite to have on hand for possible use later. If you decide to go this route, be sure to ask how much this extra material will cost.

Many contractors fabricate granite countertops by piecing together leftover material from various other projects. This results in a countertop that is somewhat less sturdy than one made from a solid piece. Before purchasing a granite countertop, you’ll want to know whether it will be made from one solid section of rock or consist of leftover pieces that are fused together.

When calculating the cost of a granite countertop, be sure you understand how a fabricator is pricing it. Many advertise a relatively low cost per square foot of material; however, cutting out an area for a sink or adding backsplashes can increase the bottom line. Be sure you and the fabricator are on the same sheet of music by asking for a grand total of the finished product that includes any additional touches.

You can be sure of a higher quality product when you choose a contractor that performs both fabrications and installations. At EZ Tile and Marble, we are experienced at fabricating and installing all types of granite countertops, so you can be sure your project will be in good hands from start to finish. Contact us for a free quote today.


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