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Are Granite Countertop Installations Right For Your Project?

Many people think of granite countertops as a top-of-the line addition to a kitchen. They are at least a consideration for most who are building a new home or remodeling an existing kitchen. Bathroom counters made from granite are also popular. Other common uses for granite countertops include fireplace mantles, bar tops, desks and outdoor kitchen areas. Tub surrounds, shower walls and window sills are less common, but can be done with a breathtaking result. Wheatland Granite Countertops - EZ Tile and Marble Countertops

Granite countertop installations can meet almost any challenge, but it is not right for every homeowner. For some, tiled designs may provide a better option while others choose marble or other materials.

Granite is a classic look, yet it’s unique, since no two granite slabs are identical. It’s a nice upgrade to a new home, and adds value to your remodeling project. Granit e countertop installations may seem expensive compared to other materials, but granite is very durable and will most likely outlast your cabinets. It is difficult to remove granite without damaging the base cabinets, so this is another reason granite is a long term investment.

Granite, like any other natural stone, is very heavy, and requires base cabinets that can support its weight. This means older or poorly built cabinets may need to be reinforced before the countertops can be installed.

The countertops are resistant to heat, although extreme heat can cause damage. They may also be damaged through dropping heavy items. Granite is simple to clean, needing only soap and water. There is no grout to discolor or attract dirt and germs like in a tiled countertop. The upkeep for granite can be more than for some other countertop materials, though. It requires sealants because granite can stain and scratch, as th e rock is porous.

If you are considering using granite for your next project, we will be glad to discuss your concerns and help you compare the value and durability of our granite countertop installations to other options. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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