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Prepping for Granite Countertop Installations

Installing granite countertops during new construction or a kitchen remodel takes some prep work. While most of this work is done by fabricators and installers, there are some things you should be aware of in order to be prepared for your new countertops. 

Base Cabinet PreparationTear-out of old countertops
Before a granite countertop is cut, a template is made so that the granite is cut to the right size for installation.

In new construction, it is vitally important to make sure the base cabinets are in their permanent location and securely anchored into place before this template is made. Creating a template when the cabinets aren’t in the right place can cause problems with the way the granite is cut and be a costly mistake.

When granite countertop installations are added as a part of a remodel, the existing countertops should be removed before measurements are taken for the template, in order to get the most accurate measurements.

Sinks, Cooktops and Other Hardware
Most people choose to install new sinks, hardware and accessories when they install new kitchen countertops. It is important to choose these accessories before the granite installer comes to visit, or to purchase them through the installer.EZ Tile and Marble placing new plywood

Sinks, faucets, cooktops and other accessories require cutouts in the countertop, so they must be included in the template. They should be onsite when the cabinets are measured for the template. In some cases, the fabricator may take faucets or other smaller accessories with him to make sure the granite is cut correctly.

Appliance Removal
When the time comes for installation, there are also some things that you are responsible for Stoves, ovens and dishwashers should be disconnected and moved to another room, if possible.

Old sinks should have been removed with the old countertops in remodels, unless the installer instructed you otherwise. The plumbing should be prepared as instructed by your installer. In most cases, the new sink will later be connected to your existing pipes by a plumber.EZ Tile and Marble Taking Templates

It is important to follow these tips as well as the advice of any contractor working with granite fabrication and installations. Granite must be cut correctly the first time, so the templates are very important. Placing the new countertop during installation is also paramount, because moving the countertops once they are in place can damage the cabinets.

To find out more about installing custom granite countertops in your new construction or during a kitchen remodel, contact us today.

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