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Granite countertop installations with tiled design

Granite is a great addition for any home or business. The clean look accompanied with a tile backsplash will add spark and shine to an otherwise standard kitchen, bathroom, or work room.EZ Tile and Marble Countertop and Backsplash Installation

Here are three reasons why granite is an excellent choice…

  • Affordable – Granite is a stone and is abundant everywhere. This makes it very affordable to purchase and to install granite for many different purposes.
  • Easy to clean – Granite countertops are sealed and polished to eliminate any microscopic openings that may exist. After this process, a simple washcloth with soapy water will wipe away most residues and will kill most bacteria.
  • Stylish – A granite countertop with a tile backsplash is a great sense of style. Granite ranges from dark to light shades and tints with a varigated design of other natural rock formations embedded inside the stone. Mix these various colors with a choice of tiles, and a central style can be modeled to accent any home or business.

Look at some examples of granite countertops and tile work here.

As these pictures show, granite comes in many different shades. From white to black, each of these contain various other rock that are gold, clear, blue, or red; all of these colors range from the natural formations that the rock was quarried. 

With a white granite, try placing alternating tile patterns of white and light blue or gold, or anything else that seems pleasing to the eye. All of this serves benefit of keeping your kitchen or bathroom or work room looking clean and being clean.

With a tile or granite installation, those messes like grease from the fryer or excess water from washing the hands won’t fly all over your wall staining it and ruining it by introducing molds and bacterias. Sounds gross and it is. Keeping a granite countertop with a backsplash keeps the molds and bacteria from living in your sheetrock and allows you to clean it even easier.

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