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We Install Granite Countertops,Tile and Design, Granite Fabrication and Installations

Looking for a great way to give your kitchen and bathroom a face lift? Have you considered granite countertop installations, tile installations and design, granite fabrication and installations? Granite countertops can transform your kitchen and bathroom in to a room you are proud of! 

We have two options to choose from for granite installation; granite slab or pre-fabricated granite. With a granite slab, we take the unfinished slab and cut it down to your size specification and you pick your finished edging.  Pre-fabricated granite tops are already pre-cut and come with a bull-nose finish. Pre-fabricated granite is also more affordable because much of the work is already completed. After the installation is complete you cannot tell the difference between the pre-fabricated granite and granite slab.

Our contractors are legally licensed in the State of California to perform the installation work and we are budget friendly. We will come out and give you a free no obligation quote. Our work is of the highest quality and guaranteed. Our installers go the extra mile and have received rave reviews for their work and expertise.

How easy is an upgrade? Very easy! Most countertops can be installed in a day or two depending on the size of the job.  Our website offers a photo gallery of our finished work along with different types of granite and finish to choose from.

In addition to granite, we also install laminate wood flooring, hardwood flooring and offer a beautiful selection of ceramic floor tile. Perfect for the kitchen and bathroom, ceramic floor tile not only looks fabulous but it lasts for years. Ceramic floor tile is made from ceramic clay which is heated at a very high temperature, making it extremely durable, long lasting and water resistant.

So if you are looking to upgrade and beautify your home, please contact us today for a quote on how we can help transform that thought to a reality!

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