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The Pricing of Granite Countertops

Granite is by far the most popular form of countertop available on the market today.

Granite Slab waiting for fabrication at the EZ Tile & Marble Countertop Shop

Granite Slab waiting for fabrication at the EZ Tile & Marble Countertop Shop

It has a beautiful style and it is extremely durable. While it used to be extremely expensive to purchase, the price of granite has dropped tremendously over the years. You can find it for affordable prices and finally get your kitchen to have that amazing elegant look. Having granite in your kitchen provides you with many benefits and it will ultimately increase the sale of your home. If you are looking for kitchen countertops in PlumasLake, you can get an incredible deal at

If you want to pay less, you are able to get pre-fab granite countertops.  More and more people are now able to afford this wonderful stone. Most people don’t know what pre-fab granite means, do you? Well, the word pre-fab stands for pre-fabricated granite slabs –  this granite is already cut down to one size (25” inch wide) and have a  bull nose finish edge and they can be found in three different sizes: 8 foot long, 9 foot long and even 10 feet long by 25” wide.  This sizes will work in any standard counter top area where the cabinet size is not bigger than 24” inch wide.  If you have custom cabinets in your kitchen and the size of counter top area is bigger than 24” wide than the pre-fab granite will not work for your kitchen. This is a great option for your kitchen countertops in Plumas Lake as it is stylish yet affordable.

One of the most popular styles of granite is slab granite countertops.  However, style and value comes at a heavy price.  Of the two types of granite, slabs and pre-fab this is definitely the most expensive version.  These kitchen countertops can be priced around $60 per square foot at its lowest price.  After installing it into your entire kitchen it can sometimes run you up into the thousands (depending on the size).  But, if you are able to afford this countertop, it would definitely be worth it to have in your kitchen.  The beauty, elegance, and class of this granite will amaze your friends and family and will cause them to envy you.  The durability and toughness should also not be overlooked as it can become very useful during your years of cooking in the kitchen.

Overall, the pricing of granite is determined by your choices.  If you decide to pay for unique edges or special cutting it will cost extra.  It also depends on the type of granite that you decide to pay for, whether it is tile, modular, or slab.  However, these ageless, durable, and beautiful countertops will be the perfect choice as your kitchen countertops no matter what the pricing is.

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