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The Pros and Cons of Having Granite in Your Kitchen

When it comes to grand kitchens, it is no secret that granite is one of the most beautiful and popular countertops available. With granite counter top installation in Yuba City, your friends and family will envy your gorgeous kitchen.  Everyone knows Granite Countertops are stylish, but is that all there is to granite? As with all countertops, there are pros and cons to this popular choice.


Durable: Granite is not only gorgeous; it is also one of the most durable versions of countertops on the market. It is highly scratch and chip resistant. Granite is also quite heat resistant as well.

Price: The price of granite has dropped tremendously over the years. It is cheaper than many other versions of countertops and you will certainly be getting more bang for your buck. If you are interested in granite counter top installations in Yuba City, you can get the most popular type of countertop for an affordable price at

One of a Kind Style: Every piece of granite will be a unique slab because it is a natural stone. This ensures that your kitchen will be different and have its own style. You will never have to worry about having a boring old kitchen when you have granite as your countertop.

Resale Value: Because it is so incredibly popular, granite will instantly add more value to your home. Nearly everyone that is searching for a home sees granite as a major positive and will be willing to pay extra for it. You will most likely be able to get all of the money you spent on the granite back that you paid on this counter top and for granite counter top installation when you sell your home. That means you could have essentially gotten it for free.

Aesthetics: Granite is known for being beautiful and it can add an amazing style to any kitchen. It can serve as a piece of art and it will surely be a conversation piece. This one piece of stone can make your entire room look amazing.


Staining: Unlike some other countertops, granite is prone to staining. While this can be a serious negative to this wonderful stone, it’s a problem that is easily solved. There are easy to apply sealants available that can give your granite a wonderful shine that also protects it from stains.

Heavy: This type of stone is extremely heavy. Because of the extra weight, it usually requires you to get extra support to keep it in place.  When you pay for granite counter top installation, be sure to hire professionals to install it as they could possibly break your expensive and heavy granite.

Permanent: Once you have chosen your color and installed it, you are stuck with it. If you want to change the color, you are going to have to remove the entire counter because granite countertops are permanent.

If you are looking for granite counter top installations in Yuba City, you can receive it at an affordable price at Call us today at 530-734-6000 or fill out our quote request form.

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