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What is pre-fab granite?

When choosing granite you have two options, you can purchase granite slab or pre-fabricated granite. When you purchase granite slabs we’ll take a large unfinished slab of granite and then cut it down to your exact specifications. You may choose to have more decorative edges. Pre-Fab Granite Counter Top

Prefabricated granite counter tops are already cut to several different standard sizes for kitchen counter tops, islands and bathroom counter tops and the edges have already been cut with a bull-nose finish.

The biggest advantage of pre-fab granite is the cost. Pre-fab granite is significantly more affordable. Unlike granite slab, with pre-fab granite you purchase only what you will use. Installation of pre-fab granite is also more affordable than granite slab because much of the work is already complete. After installation, there is no visible difference in pre-fab granite versus granite slab. The only exception would be if the homeowner had chosen a more decorative edge.

For some jobs, if the counter or island is an irregular size or shape, using a granite slab may be the only option. We will beĀ  happy to discuss your options.

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